New headquarters for AGEMAR

Project Description

The new headquarters of the shipping company include administration areas and offices of the Anangel Maritime Group , training center, shipping departments and private underground parking. It also includes additional areas such as Museum, Library, Café for Administration, Foundation Offices, Gym, Amphitheatre and Restaurant.

Overall, the design and completion of modern, EN-54 certified Digital Public Address & Evacuation System, which is based on BOSCH technology, includes:


  1. 1 x IP BOSCH DIGITAL CENTRAL PRAESIDEO Control Unit with 132 zone management and 7,500 watts
  2. 2 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO Multi-Channel Interfaces for the interconnection of amplifiers
  3. 9 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO EVAC Amplifiers, power 1 x 500W
  4. 4 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO EVAC Amplifiers, power 2 x 250W
  5. 2 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO EVAC Amplifiers, power 8 x 60W
  6. 2 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO 24-zone call stations
  7. 509 x BOSCH 6W ceiling speakers, EN-54 certified
  8. 41 x BOSCH 12W Ceiling Speakers, EN-54 Certified
  9. 95 x BOSCH 10W bi-directional audio projectors, EN-54 certified

Project Report

Main Contractor: AVIDEX SA
End User:
Starting Date: 10 January 2017
Completion Date: 20 May 2018
System: Public Address & Evacuation