Alarm Systems Peripherals


GSM devices are ideal as an alternative way of communication between security systems, so that if for some reason the phone line is cut off, all calls are made through these devices. They are also used to enable automation, as users can open/close contacts by sending the appropriate SMS text message and automatically send SMS when one of the contacts opens or closes.


Unique Design

The unique design of the peripheral alarm systems, allow the easy adjustment of each installation to the customer’s need with many options and mounting possibilities.

Manufacturing Quality

SIGMA’s sirens are an ideal combination of elegant design and manufacturing quality, constructed according to the strictest safety standards. The outer casings of the sirens are of high durability and suitable for external use. Internally they are protected by metal lids and have a protection switch on the opening of the lid or on their detachment from the wall.

GSM REC-T3S Sales Brochure

ERIS-PLUS B Internal Siren Sales Brochure

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