Alarm Systems

For reliability, performance, avoidance of false alarms and easy installation, our intrusion sensors and control panels set the standard. They focus on sophisticated but easy-to-install devices with little or no need for on-site setup. Intelligent intrusion detection is a difficult task, requiring both quick response to real events and technology to ignore costly false alarms. Advanced control panels can be used individually or in groups to suit any application size, with ease of use. We also give high priority to convenience, with special automation and remote management features.

Our award-winning sensors set the standard for reliability and performance – and offer intelligence in avoiding false alarms. Advanced motion detection technology allows our sensors to accurately identify intruders while ignoring false alarms from small animals, temperature fluctuations and more. Our distinctive sensors fit virtually every application: small houses, high-ceiling dwellings, small businesses, long corridors, cavernous warehouses, and even multi-site businesses. In addition, regardless of type, all our sensors and sophisticated modules are very easy to install.