CIAS Perimeter Protection

Over 40 years of valuable experience

CIAS has been active in the security systems market since 1974, in the field of research, development and manufacturing of security equipment and perimeter protection systems. Known for its microwave technology and 3D MEMS fence detection systems via IP, CIAS is headquartered in the U.S., in Miami, Florida.


Perimeter Protection of critical sites

CIAS products are used to protect the perimeter of critical sites (e.g. nuclear power stations, high-security prisons, military and civilian airports, banks, etc.). With over 40 years of activity, CIAS has been the cornerstone of the security market, with distinctions for continuous technological innovation in perimeter protection. Since March 2000, CIAS has been certified with UNI EN ISO by CSQ.

Provision of quality products and services

CIAS focuses on providing quality products and services. A clear example is provided by the production processes of their external detectors, which, prior to their release on the market, undergo four different tests with individual component testing, assembled component testing, 7-day final product testing and capacity testing.

ISO 9001 certification ensures that the company’s entire system operates in the best way and provides increased security to the customer and to all those who come into contact with CIAS.

CIAS Full IP Perimeter Protection Presentation.

CIAS Full IP Perimeter Protection Commercial Brochure

CIAS 3D MEMS Fence Sensor System Commercial Brochure