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Representing BOSCH’s commitment to quality, the Plena products offer an ideal solution for small to medium sized spaces. Various system components can be combined and customized to fit practically in each space: from a simple public address system to an extensive, custom multi-band installation.


Manufactured According to International Safety Standards

With their durable construction, all Plena Easy Line sound system products offer excellent sound and speech perceptuality thanks to an intelligent balancing approach and built-in limiters. It is the perfect combination of public address system & excellent sound. If you are looking for flexibility, reliability and ease of use, Plena Easy Line Announcement Sound System is the perfect choice.

Investing for the future

Its simple European design is combined with additional features, such as zone marking, while the settings indicators help make it easy to use. Easy scalability at low cost guarantees that the system will be used for many years to come.

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