Bosch Praesensa


IP and fully equipped for any medium to large application

PRAESENSA is a fully IP-based technology and fully equipped, providing high-quality audio for music or messaging in every area of your building and controlled through the intuitive graphical user interface on the touch screen of the call station or through personalized software running on a tablet or computer. Installation and integration is simple and offers great sound quality with an easy-to-use interface suitable for central or decentralized topologies. All PRAESENSA devices include built-in and default Gigabit Ethernet multi-port switch.

Efficient amplifier performance

PRAESENSA uses a highly innovative multi-channel amplifier architecture developed by Bosch, allowing the system to adapt separately to connected loudspeaker loads. Tis is done by cleverly dividing the available total output power of 600W across all channels. This means that the available amplifier power is used more efficiently with less excess power and less power supply, resulting in fewer amplifiers to meet speaker power demand. Energy consumption is particularly reduced in standby mode (where most systems spend a lot of time), saving extra energy costs.

Ensure reliability from the time of installation

PRAESENSA by Bosch maximizes the availability and reliability of the system by using multiple backups and detailed design method. These include the continuous monitoring of each device and connection to the system, all paths of critical signals and functions, as well as internal power converters that use power supply or battery power. All critical elements of the system are supported by built-in backup and provide a conservative assessment of all elements for extra protection, increasing their reliability and life expectancy. Errors are reported to the system controller and recorded with an error notification within 100 seconds in accordance with EN54-16 standards.

BOSCH PRAESENSA Digital Public Address and Voice Evacuation System Sales Brochure

BOSCH PRAESENSA Digital Public Address and Voice Evacuation System Technical Brochure