DCN Digital System


Next Generation Bosch DCN

Bosch’s next generation DCN is the distinct new face of digital conference management. Whatever the requirements of your conference, Bosch next generation DCN can respond to them by combining attractive planning, reliability, flexibility and control at meetings. It helps you take the next step in conference system management.

Best Satisfaction for All

With Bosch’s next generation DCN, you can relax. Your meeting is in good hands! To create the right balance between ergonomic efficiency and attractive design, BOSCH designers consulted delegates, interpreters and operators, and responded to their recommendations. The result is optimal satisfaction for everyone in the conference chain.

Advanced Features

The next generation DCN has already gained international recognition, offering advanced features that maximize the efficiency and productivity of your meetings. In its simplest version, it easily handles listening and conversation without an operator. At a more advanced level, it is an integrated, multilingual communication infrastructure to facilitate and manage the most complex international conferences.

BOSCH DC Digital Conference System Sales Brochure

BOSCH DCN-D Digital Conference System Sales Brochure

BOSCH DCN Digital Conference System Commercial Brochure

BOSCH DCN Digital Conference System Technical Features Full Manual