Communication Systems

Public Announcement Products (PA) can quickly configure custom systems. From supermarkets to stadiums, loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones, volume controls, and our selectors ensure excellent acoustic quality, high speech perception, and uniform audio distribution. Public communication systems are widely recognized for their flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. The various subsystems (mixers, mixer amplifiers, amplifiers, and call stations) can be combined and adapted to suit practically every space, from a simple public announcement system for small applications to custom multi-band systems for medium and large spaces.

Telecommunications systems are the main means of communication of the company today with a significant contribution to improving customer service and the image of the company, reducing the cost of telecommunications, increasing staff productivity, and, of course, upgrading communications.

At Simon Technologies SA we provide modern Telecommunications solutions designed to meet the current and future needs of your business, providing a range of flexible technical features. The products are accompanied by Software Applications that provide the flexibility to transform the company’s communications into a tool capable of following the strategic planning and development you have chosen. Analog, Digital, or IP technology, whatever your need we are able to propose a technological solution that will meet your needs.

Voice Evacuation Systems

Call Centers

Conference & Translation Systems

Intracommunications & Nurse Call Systems