DICENTIS Digital System


Revolutionary Platform

DICENTIS is a revolutionary platform for the integrated conference world of tomorrow. To meet future requirements and ensure the continuity of innovative conference solutions, Bosch will transform the components of the DCN multimedia system, successfully introduced in 2013, into the new 3CENTIS Conference System design, which represents the family of Bosch’s IP-based conference solution.

No Losses - Secure Encryption

The backup for cables and power supply available to the DICENTIS Conference System since its construction ensures that any data loss is avoided in the event of a system failure. In addition, all audio and control data handled by the system is securely encrypted and through proven industry technologies, which meet the strictest, internationally recognized standards.

IP Cameras Designed According to ONVIF Standard

The DICENTIS system supports IP cameras designed according to the ONVIF standard so that it can be easily integrated into the automatic camera control system. ONVIF is the prevailing market model for network image transmission and ensures that conference participants always see the floor on the room screen.

Main features of the system

  • Ading platform based on OMNEO multimedia networking architecture, for system flexibility and for economical installation and maintenance
  • Easy integration with support systems to provide features such as automatic camera control
  • Etensibility depending on licenses, for a system that can meet future needs, which can easily take on new functions
  • Imimified user experience to maximize appointment efficiency
  • Compasted and personalized configuration of conference devices to ideally meet the unique needs of the organization
  • Cable and power supply reserves in order to ensure that conferences are held without interruptions in the operation of the system
  • D because of the dual use of conference devices, the amount of necessary equipment is minimized, thus saving costs and maximizing the available space in the conference bank

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