Bosch Fire Detection Systems

Immediacy, Reliability, Security

The right building protection system offers everyone a sense of trust – from property owners and protection staff to employees and visitors. When security is at stake, the system must respond immediately, with safe, reliable performance and clear messages that reassure everyone, in any case.

Investing for the future

Bosch provides a built-in approach to building protection, offering a combination of proven systems for ultimate performance. Starting with reliable fire detection and continuing up to an advanced voice alarm system, Bosch offers a safe, forward-looking investment for every space.

Complete Security Chain

Bosch systems provide a complete safety chain, from the most timely detection possible to a controlled evacuation. Detectors from Bosch, known for their precise detection, indicate exactly where there are risks. Peripherals such as sirens and flashes can be used to indicate various events and the system can automatically alert the fire service or activate pre-recorded voice messages from the voice alarm system.

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