Conference & Translation Systems

From small Municipal Councils to large international multilingual conferences, we offer flexible, affordable, plug-and-play solutions. Our systems include all of these devices to achieve your task, and are available in an attractive, discreet design and provide everything needed to fully control boards with or without an operator, with or without a translator.

The systems provide the ability to easily expand with additional units and offer excellent speech perceptuality, while digital technology allows for increased volume without risk of acoustic feedback. Our conference and translation systems can be interconnected with public communication systems, wireless microphones and videoconferencing systems.

The elegant and easy-to-use units come with a built-in loudspeaker, flexible microphone, headphone jacks, volume control, microphone activation button and dozens of other options, depending on the coverage area and the type of conference. In addition, in collaboration with BOSCH’s design department we have the ability to deliver devices that are installed right on your conference benches or chairs, for even greater discretion and protection of the equipment.