Bosch AMAX Series Alarm Systems

New BOSCH Series of Panels

Bosch’s New Panel Series is a modern and complete family of products designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized installations. The family consists of the panels AMAX 2100, AMAX 3000 & AMAX 4000.

Wired - Wireless Extension

It provides unique ease of use and covers all the requirements to protect your space from intrusion since it can be extended according to the requirements – either wired or wireless, with the additional ability to integrate video protection and verification.

PSTN Voicemail

It is an ideal solution by providing the possibility of directly notifying a person close to you and/or a signal reception center in case of alarm activation, thanks to the built-in PSTN voicemail with CID / SIA protocols over the telephone network or even over the Internet since it is possible to insert an IP extension card or GSM/GPRS communication.

For homes and small/medium-sized enterprises:

  • It allows from 8 to 16 Real Wired Zones (without doubling) in one area
  • Possibility to Extend up to 64 Zones.
  • Wire extensions (per 8 Zones via DX-2010 cards) or Wireless extension via RADION/DRSF.
  • 16 Arming Areas.
  • Integrated USB Port for programming and future upgrades
  • It provides up to 250 programmable users
  • Ha built-in Phone Dialer/Encoder with CID / CFSK.
  • It provides the ability to recall 3 x 254 events with a time and date update
  • It provides the ability to arm remotely by telephone with tons of DTMF.
  • It provides the ability to block
  • It provides the ability to integrate an IP card or GSM/GPRS (via
  • It provides software programming (A-Link Plus), programming key and LED or LCD keyboards
  • Supports all keyboards in the new AMAX series
  • It allows up to 4 OC outputs (integrated) and 8 relay outputs with the DX3010.
  • It provides the ability to connect external sirens and IP cameras via the DX3010.
  • In 50131-3 Grade 2.

Product presentation of the AMAX series

AMAX Series Sales Brochure