DICENTIS Wireless Digital System

Award-winning Design

The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System reflects Bosch’s years of experience in creating conference equipment according to the latest technology. The high-end design of the Extended Wireless Device, which received recognition at 2015 iF Design Award, complements every interior space, from traditional centuries-old buildings to new, state-of-the-art multipurpose buildings.

The Most Flexible Conference System

The best solution in its class, which is designed to be the most flexible conference system available using the WIRELESS ACCESS POINT (WAP) DICENTIS as a control unit. Due to the fact that it takes a minimum of time to install, it is possible to hold multiple events in succession, allowing for increased efficiency in scheduling meetings.

Meeting Without Interference

In order to ensure more enjoyable and efficient meetings, the DICENTIS wireless conference system coexists with other networks. It is designed to prevent interference problems from other wireless networks in the region, such as mobile phones and wireless access points for Wi-Fi networks.

Basic Wi-Fi technology for coexistence with other Wi-Fi networks.

Smart wireless management to ensure wireless meetings without interference.

Wireless touchscreen devices with a built-in reader

NFC for a great meeting experience and future scalability.

True wireless connectivity for easy control and backup.

OMNEO-enabled for future expansion with the DCN multimedia system.

Commercial Sales Manual of BOSCH’s DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

Sales brochure of BOSCH’s DICENTIS Wireless Conference System