Bosch CCTV


Our individual closed-circuit TV products offer great flexibility for a wide range of applications. Installation is quick and easy. On any required scale, location, or resolution, they allow you to create superior solutions tailored to your requirements.


Total Camera Control

Camera options include monochrome and color PAL/NTSC, high-voltage or low-voltage power, horizontal motion and tilt control, automatic lens type recognition, on-screen display installation, and vandalism protection.

Storage, Archiving and Document Export

Digital recorders are available in different capacities for storing, archiving, and exporting one- or multi-channel CCTV documents. Authentication options allow you to use videos or photos as a legal presumption.

CCTV BOSCH Analogue Systems overview

DIVAR 3000 hybrid recorder series information brochure

DIVAR 5000 hybrid recorder series information brochure

CCTV BOSCH IP Video Systems overview