Call Centers

With our global leadership and our great experience in professional communication systems and office telephony applications, we have a very clear view of how the needs of both small and large organizations and businesses are met. Our solutions and products meet the highest possible quality standards and are known for their high reliability, durability and technical excellence.

With the very good price of systems, the solution of telephony becomes extremely cost-effective. The mobile phone can be set as an answering machine when the user is not at work, thus meeting the needs of increasing number of mobile workers. Having access to features like call recognition, call diversion, and voice mail is like being in the office, whether you’re traveling or stuck in traffic.

With only the minimum programming steps, the actual time it takes to install these systems is less than an hour. Including a variety of telephony features and functions, easy to understand and use, the training time required of partners and end users is the minimum possible. Thanks to our long-term involvement and at the same time, our knowledge and experience in meeting the needs of small businesses, we have managed to include the latest technology and functionality, harmonized with the need for economy and mobility.