INTEGRUS Wireless Translation

Simultaneous Interpretation and Language Selection

For international conferences with many languages, it is obviously crucial that all participants understand what is said. For this reason, a system is necessary to allow interpreters to interpret the speaker’s language at the same time. Then, the interpretations created are distributed in the conference room so that the participants can choose the language they want and listen to it through headphones.

Best Seller

INTEGRUS is the best-selling Digital Infrared Translation Language Distribution System on the planet. In Greece our company has supplied with more than 21,000 wireless translation receivers the largest Public and Private Organizations.

Wireless Infrared Distribution

The most effective method of distributing interpretations is by using an infrared language distribution system, as infrared distribution is wireless so that participants have complete freedom of movement. This means the integrity of the information, as the distributed signals cannot pass beyond the meeting room.

No interference from Luminaires or other noise sources

It can be used indoors or outdoors with direct exposure to the sun

High fidelity and digital audio quality

Easy to handle and select up to 32 channels (languages)

Easy interconnection with Bosch DCN Next Generation meeting units, but also with other market conference systems

Official sales brochure of BOSCH’s INTEGRUS Wireless Distribution System

Official sales brochure of BOSCH’s INTEGRUS Wireless Distribution System

Here you will find the complete manual of technical characteristics of BOSCH’s INTEGRUS Wireless Distribution System

Bosch Integrus Wireless Distribution System Features Manual