Application Fields

VIDEOTEC has a strong presence in many vertical markets with prestige references, such as transportation, shipping, offshore and onshore energy, oil and gas industries. The scope of use of VIDEOTEC’s wide range of products is very large, such as traffic control, urban surveillance, government applications, public and private facilities, commercial enterprises, prisons, stadiums and border control.

Quality Products

VIDEOTEC is an innovative and unique company thanks to its continuous effort to achieve the ultimate technology, development and customer satisfaction. Its products are the perfect composition of high performance, with ease of installation, durability and resistance in environments with high temperatures or particularly severe climatic conditions.

Wide Product Range

The wide range of products includes PTZ camera systems, certified explosion-protected camera systems, heavy and mobile (PTZ) enclosures, night LED flares, video management systems, advanced artificial intelligence devices and more. The connectivity of all products is based on high resolution and network architecture, providing the highest degree of protection and immediate situational awareness so that the response to threats and incidents is rapid and effective.

VIDEOTEC is a ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company

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