Company Founding

Founded in 2002 by Digital Imaging Scientist François Zayek, Astrophysics Inc. has since emerged as the industry leader. With over 30 years of experience in imaging technology, François Zayek is experienced in both the medical and security industry. With a particular focus on digital imaging and X-ray detection to provide security, Astrophysics offers the best in technology. They’re not just building the X-ray systems, they’re developing tomorrow’s security technology.

Astrophysics Characteristics

Astrophysics provides more conventional features than any other competitor. They believe that a strong, comprehensive product does not include charging its customers with additional fees for each feature. They also recognize the importance of not only providing features, but effective and innovative functions that improve the overall control experience. They have explored some key features and provide detailed brochure in PDF format below.

6 Color Imaging

With the ability of 6 color imaging, the operator is able to interpret the X-ray image more quickly and isolate threats accurately, increasing both detection performance and accuracy. Picture Perfect function can be used in color or black and white mode and is usually the best feature to enhance overall image clarity and object separation. Also, all Astrophysics systems are equipped with real-time diagnostics.