EL.MO. Intrusion Security Systems


The ELMO multi-functional security panel series have a plethora of functions for the highest requirements. It enables the integration of additional security applications such as remote control of areas/outputs and sending events through SMS via GPRS.

Wired - Wireless Extension

Their unique design makes them versatile and customizable for every customer’s need with many options and mounting possibilities. The system can be extended according to the requirements – either wired or wireless.

PSTN Voicemail

The additional PSTN and voicemail card gives the ability to dial different numbers enabling personal and automatic information. The system can distinguish between “comfort” functions and alarm events and update different numbers in case of “comfort” functions (e.g. return of a child) or alarm events where it informs the Central Monitoring Station or the police. In cases of a medical alert, the doctor may be informed directly.

From small to big installations:


  • Multifunction Security Panels
  • Modern Design
  • Wired or/and wireless peripherals connection
  • Expandable
  • Ability to support subsystems (partition)
  • Wired or/and wireless zones
  • Up to 1000 users
  • Addressable or/and conventional functionality
  • Ability to dial phone numbers with optional PSTN card
  • Calendar functions

  • 4 – 1024 programmable Outputs
  • Ability to connect approach type card readers
  • External GSM Unit for communication and SMS functions
  • Various methods of alarm confirmation
  • Remote customization and support via PC
  • Programmable locally with a keyboard, RS232 or USB via PC
  • Cloud platform for system control and Video verification
  • User friendly

EL.MO. Intrusion Detection Series Product Catalogue

Cloud platform for EL.MO. security systems management