Bosch Paviro

High Quality Public Address System

BOSCH’s PAVIRO is a unique, high-quality public address and evacuation system and certified EN54, which also provides professional-quality audio, thanks to its leading 24bit digital processor, state-of-the-art digital to analog signal converters and excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR).

Outstanding Customization Features

The system’s architecture with excellent customization capabilities makes it ideal for small to medium-sized offices, regional airports, medium-sized hotels, factories, schools and commercial department stores. Thanks to its wide range of capabilities, PAVIRO not only meets an extremely large number of application requirements, but also provides the best performance in its class in terms of quality, ease of installation and flexibility.

Ensuring Low Investment Costs

Operating costs are kept low because PAVIRO uses state-of-the-art, high-performance Class-D amplifiers and smart power management hardware and software. These significantly reduce energy consumption. PAVIRO uses fewer amplifiers than other systems, thanks to a combination of dynamic source routing and intelligent amplifier input switching, ensuring low investment costs.

Unique points of sale

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Affordable backup amplifier. A backup amplifier for the entire system. No additional Digital Output Module (DOM) is required for multi-amplifier standby.
  • Αmplifier blocks in class-D technology and standard system settings make the system 30% cheaper than the first competitor.
  • Easy and simple configuration.
  • With basic mode, but also has complete access to expert mode.
  • Power allocation per zone from 2 to 500 watts -> Known by the PLENA series voice alarm system, where power is distributed and assigned where required.
  • Completely flexible, but affordable and without complex audio routing.

BOSCH PAVIRO Public Address and Voice Evacuation System Sales Brochure