NEC SL1000

Smart and Affordable Communication Solution

The SL series is a smart and affordable communication solution, which combines low cost, efficiency, IP telephony, has the ability to adapt to the needs of any small business and is environmental-friendly. With its affordable price, this system is extremely economically advantageous.


Starting with 4 PSTN lines and 8 hybrid internals, the SL1000 can extend up to 48 PSTN, 36 ISDN, 16 SIP trunks, 128 hybrids and 16 IP internals. It has a built-in LAN port for computer programming and Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR), 2 built-in channels for pre-recorded replies with the possibility of 4 different messages, 2 built-in door-opening relays, door phones that can connect to hybrid internal ports without the need for a separate card.

From Four to Over One Hundred Lines

The “all-in-one” SL Series has such customization capabilities, that a company can start from a minimum of four telephone lines and eight phone extensions and upscale to over one hundred lines. This system consumes less energy than previous models and has the option of automatic standby when the office is closed, thus minimizing the costs of electricity.

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