Bosch G Series Alarm Systems

Plethora of functions

BOSCH G SERIES panels provide total security control for your business with a wealth of features for the highest demands. The panels serve as a hub that receives, sends and relays signals between system components or external connections efficiently and accurately. The comprehensive and scalable G-Series design is the right choice for a variety of applications, including a bank branch, office complex, factory, foundation, retail store or a mall, where flexibility and ease of use are essential.

Manage via iOS or Android devices

Users can know all important information by automatically sending personal updates of important system events via e-mail or text messages. Also, through application users can operate the alarm system (arming/disarming/checking system status/viewing live video/checking outputs/doors) from any iOS or Android device.

Access Control

Another point of excellence of the Bosch G Series panels is the monitoring of fire alarms and the direct transmission of data to multiple receivers, with the help of preconfigured alarm verification that minimizes false alarms, as well as the easy integration of all Bosch security products, from digital video recorders, large access control systems, networks and up to Building Information Systems (BIS).

For Large Residential and Medium / Large Enterprises

    • Multifunction Security Panel Family
    • Modern Design
    • Wired or/and wireless peripherals connection
    • ΠFully Expandable
    • Up to 599 detection points / 504 wireless detection points
    • Ability to support up to 32 areas
    • Up to 2000 users with multiple access levels

  • Up to 596 programmable Outputs
  • Up to 32 Access Control Ports
  • Up to 10.192 events in memory
  • Up to 80 programmable Calendar functions
  • Built-in Browser for remote programming and control
  • Communication Options (PSTN/ GPRS/ ETHERNET)

G Series Commercial Brochure

G Series System overview Brochure