CCS-1000D Digital System

Excellent Meeting Management

Well-known for leading conference systems solutions worldwide, BOSCH presents the compact but highly flexible CCS 1000 D Conference System. Designed and developed by Bosch experts in Europe, the system makes meeting management extremely easy and ideal for small to medium-sized conference spaces such as town halls, local business centers, and courts.

Advanced Technology, Top Performance

The new CCS 1000 D digital meeting system is designed with plug-and-play, usability, and highly productive meetings in mind. The system provides exceptional speech perception, thanks to advanced digital audio processing technology and superior microphone and speaker performance.

Physical Sense of Meeting Face-to-Face

The speaker and microphone are activated simultaneously to ensure a more natural sense of face-to-face sitting, making it even easier to participate in the meeting.

Excellent speech perception with built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression function.

Built-in digital recording in internal memory and/or USB memory drive.

Intrinsic support for this. HD camera control.

Advanced configuration and control through an integrated web browser.

“Power saving mode” for automatic deactivation after two hours of inactivity.

Sales Manual of BOSCH’s CCS 1000 D Digital Conference System

Official sales brochure of BOSCH’s CCS 1000 D Digital Conference System