DCN Wireless Digital Meeting-Translation

Unparalleled Functionality and Flexibility

Regardless of whether the event venue is small or large, multipurpose or historic, Bosch’s DCN Wireless Discussion System offers the organizer unparalleled functionality and flexibility. The wireless system can be customized to meet every discussion requirement: from a basic non-operator installation to a fully interactive voting facility and a large screen.

Possibility of Voting

In interactive cases where it is important to conduct public opinion polls and votes, voting-enabled discussion units can be used in the DCN Wireless Debate System. The operator can start, end, and temporarily stop voting through Bosch Conference Control software on a computer or via a touch screen.

Automatic Camera Control and Operation

The system can automatically display the image of the current speaker on screens or projection screens in the main room, in the waiting area, in the interpreters’ cans, in the break areas or anywhere else required, while the speaker’s details are displayed along with the speaker’s image. Cameras are automatically checked and configured, so the system can operate without an operator.

Main features of the system

  • Absolute wireless flexibility
  • Crystalline performance of the speaker’s voice
  • Without unexpected battery discharges during the event
  • Full voting functionality
  • Bosch Conference Control Software for quick recording and viewing of participants’ votes, the possibility of holding a secret ballot and recording the results

Official sales brochure of Bosch DCN Wireless Meeting System

Technical Features Manual of Bosch DCN Wireless Meeting System

Technical Features Manual of Bosch DCN Wireless Meeting System