Hellenic Parliament: DCN Next Generation – Plenary Chamber

Project Description

The purpose of the project is to supply and install a Digital Conference System, as well as a Voting & Registration System, in the Plenary Chamber of the Hellenic Parliament.

Overall, the design and integration of the modern Digital Conference & Voting System, which is based on BOSCH technology, includes:


  • 4 x BOSCH DCN MCCU Central Network Units with all Relevant Meeting Control Software
  • Computer network that includes 2 servers and 6 clients with Redundancy configuration
  • 305 x BOSCH DCN Multipurpose Conference Units with their respective DCN microphones
  • 305 x BOSCH DCN Units with Voting or Multiple Votes mode
  • 305 x Smart Card Readers for Recording and Controlling Microphones
  • 1 x Control Unit with 2 touch screens to control all peripheral equipment (such as lights, air conditioning, etc.)


In addition, a new integrated functional software platform in the Greek language is developed, which controls the majority of the functions of the Conference System & Software.

Project Report

Main Contractor: CSI SA
End User:
Starting Date: 1 June 2004
Completion Date: 30 August 2004
System: Conference
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