Vanderbilt Sintony IC60 Alarm Systems


The Sintony IC60 multi-functional security panel has a plethora of functions for the highest requirements. It enables the integration of additional security applications such as remote control of areas/outputs and sending events through SMS via GPRS.

Wired - Wireless Extension

Their unique design makes them versatile and customizable for every customer’s need with many options and mounting possibilities. The system can be extended according to the requirements – either wired or wireless.

PSTN Voicemail

The built-in PSTN voicemail with the ability to dial 8 different numbers enables personal and automatic information. The system can distinguish between “comfort” functions and alarm events and update different numbers in case of “comfort” functions (e.g. return of a child) or alarm events where it informs the Signal Reception Centre or the police. In cases of a medical alert, the doctor may be informed directly.

For homes and small businesses:

  • Multifunction Security Panel
  • Modern Design
  • Wired or/and wireless peripherals connection
  • Expandable
  • Ability to support up to 2 subsystems (partition)
  • 8 – 16 wired or/and wireless zones
  • Up to 100 users
  • Up to 16 remote controls with panic buttons
  • Ability to dial 8 phone numbers with built-in PSTN voicemail
  • 8 programmable Calendar functions

  • 4 – 8 programmable Outputs
  • Up to 7 external keyboards or/and 125 kHz approach type card readers
  • External GSM Unit for communication and SMS functions
  • Various methods of alarm confirmation
  • Remote customization and support via PC
  • Programmable locally with a keyboard, detachable memory card, or PC
  • Temperature display
  • Available in Compact (Common Table-Keyboard) or Modular (Separate Table-Keyboard) format

Sintony IC60 Series Product Overview

Sintony IC60 Series Sales Brochure