New Cosmote TV Studios

Project Description

The project’s aim is the conversion of the existing telephone directory printing installation at the new studios and offices of COSMOTE TV. The design for the new project includes 3 TV studios, technical spaces, office spaces, meeting rooms, an indoor open bridge area, a café and secondary areas.

The design and construction of the project aim to minimize the environmental impact in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, which is achieved by the success of the strict LEED certification requirements.

Overall, the design and completion of a modern, certified EN-54 Voice Evacuation System , which is based on BOSCH technology includes:


  1. 2 x PAVIRO controller central units with 12 zone management each
  2. 2 x OM-1 IP Interface for network integration of PAVIRO central controller units
  3. 1 x PAVIRO zone expansion units with 24 zone management
  4. 3 x PAVIRO 2x500W PAVIRO power amplifiers with a final consumption of 3,000 watts
  5. 1 x PAVIRO 24-zone digital call stations
  6. 1 x PLENA MATRIX audio distribution device, 8in/8out with 4 wall management controls
  7. 123 x EN-54-certified speakers of various types
  8. 24 x Line Supervision Boards
  9. 2 x BOSCH PLE-SDT Music Sources

Project Report

Main Contractor: DIMAND SA
End User:
Starting Date: 6 July 2018
Completion Date: 28 October 2018
System: Public Address & Evacuation