Athens International Airport: STB Building Remodeling

Project Description

The Athens International Airport (AIA) plans to reconfigure the area of the airport’s Satellite Station (STB).

This project involves building, electrical, mechanical and material work, which is based on BOSCH technology and includes:

  • 16 x BVMS channel licenses for monitoring of space cameras
  • 9 x 360° 12MP Network Panoramic Cameras of the BOSCH Flexidome Panoramic 7000 series
  • 10 x BOSCH Videojet Multi-4000 Network Encoders to integrate analog cameras into the airport’s main system
  • 10 x BOSCH HR Dinion fixed-type analog cameras
  • 2 x BOSCH Storage Disk Arrays 12x4TB, DSA-N2E7x4-12AT


  • 2 x CSI (Control Station Interface), BOSCH PRAESIDEO
  • 2 x Remote Announcement Stations, BOSCH PRAESIDEO
  • 2 x Call Station Extension Keyboards, BOSCH PRAESIDEO
  • 30 x BOSCH Speakers of various types (Sound columns, ceiling and cabin speakers) EN-54certified , with the corresponding line control boards for their interconnection with BOSCH PRAESIDEO amplifiers


All work on programming & integration of the above systems is carried out by our company.

Project Report

Title: SR-5648.30
Main Contractor: ΤΟΜΗ ΑΒΕΤΕ
End User:
Starting Date: 1 March 2018
Completion Date: 30 July 2018
System: CCTV & PA