Athens International Airport: Installation of 9 cameras on the fence of Attiki Odos

Project Description

The Athens International Airport plans the installation of 9 special type mobile cameras on the west side of the fence of Attiki Odos. The cameras enhance surveillance of the airport area and protect entry to restricted areas.

The project includes cameras, which are based on BOSCH technology:

  • 9 x BOSCH Mobile High Speed Cameras MIC-550 ALW36P
  • 1 x BOSCH VIP X1600 XF Base Module Encoder 16 high performance video channels with corresponding cards


Bosch‘s MIC series cameras are designed for an ultradurable, reliable and high quality monitoring solution for security applications that require maximum performance regardless of the environment in which they are installed. They offer mechanical precision according to strict standards, far superior to the traditional dome-type cameras and PTZ cameras with a range of options available to ensure the optimal solution. The anti-vandalism housing of the cameras has corrosion resistant properties to offer absolute protection in the most adverse environments, where constant exposure can dramatically reduce the lifespan of traditional cameras. With a visually perfect flat viewing window and built-in cleaner, MIC series cameras are able to capture sharp images even in the most demanding conditions. Thanks to its high standards and pioneering analysis technology, they offer extremely reliable, quiet operation, with full rotation of 360º horizontally and up to 270º vertically with excellent viewing capability. A small increase in movement speed, from just 0.2º per second to 120º per second, gives the user precise control. The camera options with day and night functionality that are available with up to 36x optical zoom combined with flexible upright or inverted positioning, allow for the ideal field of view to be achieved each time.

Project Report

Title: SR-5522
Main Contractor: AKTOR ATE
End User:
Starting Date: 1 July 2016
Completion Date: 1 August 2016
System: CCTV