Athens International Airport: Buildings M2 – M6 & STB

Project Description

The Athens International Airport requires a new Public Announcement System in order to upgrade the airport’s announcement infrastructure. The new digital PA system, which replaces the existing analog, transmits beeps in selected zones, alerts people during emergencies and covers all the needs of the MTB Building – including arrivals and departures, the bridge leading to the airport train station, as well as the STB building.

The project includes the design of the solution, the procurement and installation of a modern, EN-54 certified Digital Public Address & Evacuation System, with all the necessary wiring work. This system is based on the technology of BOSCH and includes:

• 10 x Network BOSCH PRAESIDEO BOSCH PRAESIDEO O control units, with full standby via Optical Fiber Network

• 14 x Bosch COBRANET IP/AUDIO interfaces
• 97 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO public address stations with corresponding interfaces
• 179 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO key extensions for public address stations

A total of 95 BOSCH PRAESIDEO Amplifiers of various types manage 50,000 watts / 100 Zone Groups

• 62 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO Power amplifiers 1 x 500W
• 26 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO Power Amplifiers 2 x 250W
• 5 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO Power amplifiers 4 x 125W
• 2 x BOSCH PRAESIDEO Power Amplifiers 8 x 60W
• 48 x BOSCH Metal Sound Columns 40W

And the following software:

• PRAESIDEO Call Station Server with unlimited user licenses for public announcements via PC
• PRAESIDEO PC Telephone Interface Clients for telephony announcements
• New graphical user interface (GUI) for Functional Processes
• Text to Speak Engine for interconnection with the airport’s UFIS

All relevant construction work was carried out in cooperation with the construction company AGT.

Project Report

End User:
Starting Date: 30 June 2015
Completion Date: 5 January 2016
System: Public Address & Evacuation