Eurotech Fire Detection Systems

Manufactured according to the Highest Standards

Eurotech products are fully compliant with the highest standards of third-party control and fire detection certification. Because fire detection systems are intended to protect life and property, Eurotech customers must be assured that the products they purchase are properly designed, manufactured and quality controlled with a consistently high standard.

Totally Certified

All Eurotech products are evaluated and approved by third parties, obtaining quality certification from LPCB, VDS, BSI and NF. Additionally, a successful factory production control is achieved at the manufacturer’s premises, which complies with the ISO 9000 standard. Once the tests and inspections have been completed, a third certification body shall review all the results and issue the certificate.

Full Quality Assurance

Maintaining the use of the quality label means a continuous quality control process. Any design changes for the certified product must be agreed upon with the certification body and checked through the annual factory and product tests. The end result? Full quality assurance for Eurotech customers.


In Europe, standards for assessing the suitability of products for use in automatic fire detection systems are set out in the EN54 series of certifications. Details of some standards are listed in the following table.

Standard Description
EN54-2 Control and indicating equipment.
EN54-4 Power supply equipment.
EN54-5 Heat detectors – Point heat detectors.
EN54-7 Smoke detectors – Point smoke detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization
EN54-18 Input/output devices.